Getting the most out of a networking event

Last week, I attend­ed a net­work­ing event, as a “dry run” for an upcom­ing push toward get­ting out there with our new con­sult­ing arm, ModPii. I observed some things that I found inter­est­ing, and would prob­a­bly be of use to oth­ers out there.


Networking for fun

The most impor­tant rule: have fun!  If you aren’t hav­ing fun, you will allow the pres­sures of the moment effect you.  It doesn’t mat­ter who you are, peo­ple enjoy a relaxed, fun demeanor more than a “get it done” one.

So, relax.  Have a snack.  Joke with peo­ple around you.  Talk about your hob­bies.  Have fun!

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